Agriculture: the point where Man separated from nature. The invention that spawned civilization. A point where nature and culture interact.

Apples: the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. the body and mind split. Product of agriculture. See agriculture

Arena: A place for biological and cultural interaction. Spectacle.

Bed: an arena. see bedroom.

Bedroom: a room in the home concerned with biological functions. A place for sleep and sex. A personal space.

Bleachers: the arena. Culture.

Bread: food, energy, a result of the interaction of biology with culture. see wheat, see dining.

Breathing: a biological function. bringing the outside in. living.

Bull riding: the process of navigating between biological impulses and cultural constraints. Engaging the Minotaur.

Bull: pure biology. Biological impulse.

Coffee table: an arena for intimate interaction.

Coal: fuel made from ancestors.

Corn: used as fuel and food. Power. Product of agriculture. See agriculture.

Cowboy: cultural construct. Masculinity.

Cowboy hats: surrogates for masculinity. see cowboy

Cranes: surrogates for humans. Building. Expansion. Civilization, culture.

Dam (hydroelectric): an apparatus that channels natural (biological) forces into power (energy) by directing flow. A generator.

Dining: a cultural function.  Eating joined with social interaction. Within the home; a place for the passing on of manners, family/ cultural folkways and morays.

Dining table: an arena. see dining, dining room.

Dining room: a room in the home where biology and culture interact. An arena.

Eating: a biological function. bringing the outside in. living.

Eden: pure biology. Man before the mind/ body split.

Furniture: surrogates for humans or human activity.

Grain silos: a complex network. see agriculture

Kitchen: a room in the home concerned with biological functions. A place where organic ingredients are combined to form a new thing. A gene pool.

Love seat: an arena for intimate interaction. See furniture.

Lungs: see breathing.

Minotaur: half man half bull. A whole person --see bull, cowboy.

Oil: fuel made from ancestors.

Orchards: a complex network. A place where nature and culture intersect.

Oven: see kitchen.

Plow: an apparatus of agriculture. See agriculture.

Radio/ communication towers: a complex network erected to communicate. Speaking. Social interaction.

Radio telescopes: a complex network erected to communicate. Listening. Engaging origins.

Recliner: masculine. The father.

Semen: genetics. see testicles.

Telescope: a device to connect the mind to that which is out of reach to the body. Engaging origins.

Testicles: point of origin. Masculine biology.

Uterus: point of origin. Feminine biology.

Volcano (island): place where new land is being produced. Land factory. A natural or biological process of creation.

Wall: architecture. culture. the institution. conceptual space, a place of the mind.

Wheat: used as food and fuel. Power. product of agriculture. see agriculture.